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Hsing-I: Chinese Mind-Body Boxing

An old and "internal" martial artwork, Hsing-I makes use of chi to accomplish potent road battling prowess. This seminal textual content deftly covers background, philosophy, education units, and two-person scuffling with strategies. additionally incorporated are quotations from the traditional chinese language masters that element the psychological disposition of the boxer, besides considerable images and illustrations.

Complete Wing Chun: the Definitive Guide to Wing Chuns History and Traditions

14 стилей Вин Чун в одной книге с изложенным сравнением каждой из системы с точки зрения истории, принципов, основ и методов обучения. 14 forms of Wing Chun in a single ebook with comparisons outlining each one process when it comes to heritage, rules, fundamentals and coaching equipment.

The 100 Best Swimming Drills

Within the a hundred most sensible Swimming Drills, Blythe Lucero has compiled the simplest swimming drills accrued from greater than twenty years of operating with swimmers and is a wonderful source for swimmers at any point within the quest for greater swimming. summary: within the a hundred most sensible Swimming Drills, Blythe Lucero has compiled the best swimming drills amassed from greater than two decades of operating with swimmers and is a superb source for swimmers at any point within the quest for higher swimming

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Our experience, however, tells us that many high school females would be better served by starting their weight training with the BFS readiness program. This is because fewer girls have a background in sport at a young age compared with boys, and they have not been introduced to the basics of sprinting and jumping. ■■ High school male athletes. If a male athlete cannot squat 145 pounds (66 kilograms) to parallel for 10 reps with good form, then we believe it’s best to start with the BFS readiness program.

We don’t want to maintain those lifts. To set up a maintenance program in high school is to set up a program of failure. The athletes will never reach their potential. Mike’s football coach did the BFS in-season program and followed the set–rep system. 3). Because the in-season program was the same for all sports, athletes could make smooth transitions from one sport season to the next. Mike stuck to his program faithfully all four years, broke an average of 400 personal records each year, and reached his potential.

BFS Readiness: Weight Training To minimize the risk of injury from any conditioning program, coaches must teach proper technique. During BFS clinics, our clinicians not only teach athletes how to lift and spot properly but also instruct coaches how to teach the proper lifting and spotting techniques. As the proverb goes, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. ” With that in mind, here are the details of the BFS readiness weight training program. 42 Bigger Faster Stronger Getting Started Start with just the 45-pound (20-kilogram) Olympic bar on each core lift, although for some athletes (especially girls), a lighter, 15-pound (7-kilogram) technique bar may be necessary.

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