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Have you questioned what old civilizations gave the impression of? Or the place they have been compared to the place we are living at the present time? This specific atlas will take you on a big trip worldwide and during time to discover the worlds of Egyptian pharaohs, eastern dynasties, Peruvian peoples, and extra.

event a Mayan basketball video game, climb the ziggurat steps at Chichén Itzá; and discover what occurred at the back of bold fort partitions within the historical Saxon countryside-all within the pages of the Atlas of historical Worlds.

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RuinS plato talking to Aristotle of a greek temple at akragaS, Sicily ◀ science and philosophy The Greeks were pioneers in science and philosophy. Many sciences are still known by their Greek names, including physics, astronomy, and mathematics. Philosophers such as Plato (429–347 bce) and Aristotle (384–322 bce) studied human behavior and wrote about the ideal way to govern a state. Aristotle also invented logic, the science of reasoning. greek philoSopherS in athenS painted in by the italian artiSt raphael 1511 sports ▶ Every city-state had a gymnasium where Greek men exercised and took part in sporting activities.

HopliteS carrying round shields called hopla detail from a greek vaSe Showing hopliteS fighting greek colonies ▶ ▲ greeks at war when faced with a common threat, the city-states finally united in the 5th century bce. An alliance of city-states led by Sparta and Athens fought off two Persian invasions. The main footsoldiers were the hoplites, who fought in a tight group called a phalanx, armed with jabbing spears. when the population of a city-state grew too large, its citizens often went to set up colonies elsewhere.

Many were never used as tools, but kept as ornaments or status symbols. poliShed standing stones are about 20 ft (6 m) high Stone ax ◀ flint mining Neolithic people discovered that flint lying in seams deep underground was better for making tools and weapons than surface flints. They mined for flint by digging through layers of soft chalk using picks made from deer antlers. The layer of flint in this Neolithic mine in England is 30 ft (9 m) below ground. Flint and chalk are both made from the skeletons of ancient sea creatures which built up on the seabed 100–65 million years ago.

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