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By Stefan Bruweleit

The linguistic different types of element, stressful and motion are heavily interrelated. within the first a part of Aspect, stressful and motion within the Arabic dialect of Beirut, Stefan Bruweleit defines the 3 different types and describes the interaction among them at a metagrammatical point. within the subsequent components he applies the theoretical findings of the 1st half to the Arabic dialect of Beirut, investigates the methods temporal, aspectual and actional different types are expressed and exhibits how you can come to a decision no matter if the verb approach of the dialect should be considered as aspectual or as temporal. one of many major result of the paintings is the truth that an intensive figuring out of a verb approach is simply attainable via an realizing of the categorial interaction of element, stressful and motion.

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A situation can take place only once and be singular, 4 Bache, however, does not differentiate between qualitative and quantitative action. 26 CHAPTER 4 or it can happen several times and be plural. A situation can have several repetitions that are restricted to a limited period of time, or the repetitions may be so numerous that the situation has to be regarded as habitual. Finally, the repetitions can be independent from time and the situation consequently be extratemporal. This facet of action will be dealt with below.

Anterior to a second reference point in the past) c. He will spend the rest of his life in prison and pick oakum. (posterior to the speech time) 40 CHAPTER 5 The actional category of complexity is incompatible with perfectivity8 and thus with anteriority and posteriority, too: Rule 7: Complexity ⇓ Anteriority / Posteriority Complexity >> + Tense except Anteriority / Posteriority, Imperfectivity Complexity ⇓ Anteriority / Posteriority (>> Perfectivity, ac except Complexity / Extratemporality)  Punctuality / Telicness, Anteriority / Posteriority, Perfectivity d.

This differentiation, that is also true for the other two categories in question, is relevant to the categorial interplay (see below, chapt. 4). In the following, when I speak of habitual and extratemporal situations without an additional adjective, I mean essential habitual and extratemporal situations. With respect to situations that are restricted to a limited period of time, the term essential does not seem appropriate to me. If I want to specify these sentences, I simply use the adjective conditioned.

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