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By Donald F. Lach

Unique booklet 1977.

This is the second one quantity in a chain that lines, century by way of century, the position of Asia within the making of Europe.

The upward thrust to global dominance of the Western countries nowa days and the quick business development of the West, which outpaced the East in technical and armed forces achievements, have ended in a historic eclipse of the traditional and very good cultures of Asia.

Historican Donald F. Lach, in his influential scholarly paintings, Asia within the Making of Europe, issues out that an eclipse is rarely everlasting, that this one was once by no means overall, and that there has been a interval in early smooth instances whilst Asia and Europe have been shut competitors in brilliance and mutual effect.

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71 See Allen, op. cit. (n. 64), p. 13. [412 ] Mathematics and Astronomy bodies possessing its own motion. Copernicus held that the earth was in fact one of the planets. But he was also well aware that the inherited conception of the earth was being radically transformed by the overseas explorations. In his famous De revolutionibus orbium coelestium, completed around 1530 but not published until 1543, he observes: Ptolemy in his Cosmography extends inhabitable land as far as the median circle, and he leaves that part of the world unknown, where the moderns have added Cathay and other vast regions as far as 60° longitude, so that inhabited land extends in longitude farther than the rest of the ocean does.

I. 314 note b. e istorie • •. (Florence. 1599). p. II. 103 On its general importance in Spain see above. p. 169. 104 See Lamb. op. cit. (n. 85). p. II. lOS It was probably one of those editions which inspired Bernardino Baldi in his didactic poem called Nautica. See above. pp. 217-18. 106 See Lamb. op. cit. (n. 85). pp. 4-5. 107 Breve compendio de la sphera l' de la arte de navegar (Seville). Alchemy and Chemistry true pole of the earth were not identical. Most later mariners' handbooks in Dutch and English were limited to detailing the seas and coasts of Europe.

I), IV, Pt. 2, 610, 613, 667. , p. S99_ [421 ] Technology and the Natural Sciences But in Christian Europe the quest was subsequently directed to fmding preparations to lengthen life rather than, as in the case of certain Chinese practitioners, seeking for elixirs that would guarantee physical immortality. Fundamental to the production of the elixir was an alloy of copper, zinc, and nickel known to the Chinese as pai-t'ung or "white copper," and to the Indians, Arabs, and Europeans by a variety of other names.

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