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Meteoritika, Volume XX, 1961). Thus at the time when the 1961 expedition began its work, the situation was basically as follows: 1. On the basis of visual observation the general contour of the radially flattened forest area identified by Kulik was mapped out. Three zones can be distinguished within the limits of this area: random flattening (standing timber), mass flattening and partial flattening in a specific direction; the general plotting of these zones was confirmed in 1960. However, the boundaries of the zones (particularly to the northeast) and the direction of flattening call for additional refinement and quantitative characterization.

Differentiation of the south and north morass surfaces into hillocks and 'mochazhina' [land permanently wet from outflow of underground water] is a result of thermokarstic processes and, possibly, a result of phenomena related to ancient water erosion... The formation of funnels in the swamps is not associated with the fall of the meteorite or fragments of it. No embankments of ejected peat have been built up around the funnels, the peat layer is not intermixed with the soil and it is of rather along the line of contact with the peat hillocks are steep and frozen...

The maximum quantity of energy can be found on the basis of the fact that various species of trees (larches, pines, and cedars) survived in the area of the epicenter, in some cases even retaining live branches. Fig. 7. Physiological scorching of larch twig near epicenter by light. The oriented cambium injury of 1908 can be seen; the twig at that time was no more than 8 mm thick. The injury was subsequently completely invested. M. G. F. ). It was established in these investigations that branches (primarily of larches) which in 1908 did not exceed 8 to 15 mm in thickness often show traces of injuries that date from 1908, and have subsequently been invested by bark (Fig.

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