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The poems during this assortment are made out of the fractured words and competing idioms of up to date circulate and the interpretation among private and non-private spacesconversations that begin and are damaged off; public bulletins intervening in deepest occasions; an emergency that's approximately to spread within the heritage. Taking bearings from Dover and London and wrestling with issues of elegy and protest, official Read more...


Taking bearings from Dover and London, from elegy and protest, from reliable buildings that make certain the place humans can cross, and the futures that move them, this ebook explores the social areas in Read more...

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Not much. Nowhere really. On not being a man who is Piero della Francesca 1 Where we live among has not the mood of Arezzo No, girlfriend, these are not the church steps And girlfriend, in this interior no painter on commission Lent himself to the manufacture of a morning light; So making it a ‘perfect example’ [Kenneth Clark, Civilization], Girlfriend, where we live among is not that Nor in governance, girlfriend, where we let the space and these Are not the steps, and believe it, girlfriend, Whatever else we hope for now it will not be grace – Even though among us we have an idea Distributed casually across particulars Boys, for instance, drinking coffee along the sea wall – But that is not a step, this is not a church, there is no interior, Where we live girlfriend complicit moving equally among.

And where the sculptor has the medium of relief, driving out of the material twisting into particularity, difficult to emulate in sound on a broken road a woman sifting, sorting the tension among us escalating an urgency difficult to manufacture in words. Which the sculptor generates as relief, a drive into urgency twisting the fabric into particularity emulating material claim manufacturing struggle, dignity of emphasis, on a road some woman sifted, pressed into sound. Some woman pressed (out set) On an unadopted road dense with potholes thick with the insistence of a collared dove a woman heavy set not from the immediate neighbourhood sifts sorts through the tension among us To a friend, after a word by Charles Olson When the plums lie smashed at the end of the garden we have a recognition the season’s slipped seventy – that would have been something a tone is set bright, against the houses October song The hearing I – Don’t know if there is a poem here.

I offered them a phone. m. At three in the morning, Rimbaud wrote, The candle grows pale, All the birds cry out at once In the trees: it’s over. The sky seized [le ciel s’est chargé] Already the staccato, Buy bread. He must have worked all night. What he imagined was a vanishing point, A tenacious correspondence between diverse spheres. Or rather, a kind of serenity [eue’maneria, beautiful day] The new politics which remains largely to be invented. m. Candle. Birds. Trees. Bread. Seized [s’est chargé], Already the staccato.

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