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Black makes exactly a four-space eye and is just alive. Variation 2. A way of living After White 1, Black doesn't necessarily have to block at 'a'. Black can also live by descending to 2. If White 'a', Black 'b'. Following the same logic, in the cases when White hanes first at 2, instead of blocking at 'c', Black can descend to 1. Reference. The possibility of playing elsewhere Black has only seven stones, but White hasn't blocked at 'a', so as it stands, Black can play elsewhere once and still live.

If instead of 1, Black turns in the direction of 2, White 1, Black 6, and White 7 leave him dead. 185 Pattern 8 White to play and make a ten-thousand year ko Black has an outside liberty and he also has the hane in place. As you might expect with these changes in the situation, Black has more scope for maneuver. The best White can do if he plays first is to get a tenthousand-year ko. Solution. The direction of the attachment After White 1, the attachment at Black 2 is the only correct response.

Black takes the ko at 'a' but gets only a kind of two-step ko. 189 Pattern 11 Black is alive This is a variation of the carpenter's square. Black has to be somewhat concerned about the openness of his base, but the position is wide enough as it stands, so Black has nothing major to worry about This basic pattern is one which you might see in actual play Variation 1. The vital paint, but... Let's look for a way for White to attack White 1 has the feel of a vital point, but Black will attach at 2 and his position is going to be tough to deal with.

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