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27. measurement of heat capacity during incongruent melting of diopside, Amer. , 76, 904912,199l. Lange, R. A. and A. Navrotsky, Heat capacities of Fe203bearing silicate liquids, Contrib. Mineral. , 110, 311-320, 1992. , Enthalpies of transformation among the tetragonal, hexagonal, and glassy modifications of Ge02, J. Inorg. Nucl. Chenr. 33, 1119-1124, 1971. , R. Hon, D. F. Weill, and D. J. Henry, Thermochemistry of glasses and liquids in the systems CaMgSi2%-CaAl2Si208NaAlSi308, Si02 CaAl2Si208NaAlSi308 and Si02 - Al203 -CaONa20.

11, 12, 16,44,46,48]. ,,is used to express the volume change of a substance due to a temperature change. In a microscopic sense, the thermal expansion is caused by the anharmonic nature of the vibrations in a potential-well model [103]. The Grtineisen theory of thermal expansion leads to a useful relation between volume and temperature [90], Y. Fci. Carnegie Institution of Washington, V(T) = 31 @D/T E= 9nRT x3 (f%/T)3 I o eX - 1 Geophysical AGU Reference Shelf 2 Geophysical Union. (1) (2) where n and R are the number of atoms in the chemical formula and the gas constant, respectively.

Minerals, 16,239-245,1988. 5. , Thermal expansion anisotropy of dolomite-type borates Me2+Me4*B20,, Z. , 133, 85-90, 1971. 6. , Thermal expansion of ABO, compounds with zircon and scheelite structures, J. , 26,255-262,1972. 7. Berar, J. , D. Grebille, P. Gregoire, and D. Weigel, Thermal expansion of boehmite, J. Phys. Chem. Solids, 45, 147-150, 1984. 8. Bockris, J. , J. W. Tomlinson, and J. L. White, The structure of liquid silicates: Partial molar volumes and expansivities, Trans. , 52, 299-311, 1956.

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