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Beading with Filigree: Beautiful Jewelry, Simple Techniques

;Beading with Filigree: appealing jewellery, easy suggestions КНИГИ ; ХОББИ и РЕМЕСЛА Автор: Cynthia Deis Название: Beading with Filigree: appealing jewellery, basic TechniquesИздательство: Lark Books Год: 2008 Формат: PDF Размер: 30. eighty five Mb Страниц: 123 Язык: английский Для сайта: www. mirknig. comDelicate, luminous, appealing: no ask yourself steel filigree parts are a jeweler’s treasure.

The Classic Italian Slow Cooker Cookbook

Inside of this publication are four volumes of 21 vintage Italian sluggish Cooker Dinner Recipes. There are over eighty tasty Italian gradual cooker recipes to choose between that you simply and your loved ones will get pleasure from! choose between a superb choice of pasta dishes, red meat dishes, poultry dishes, veal dishes, beef dishes, stews and soup dishes.

Children`s First Word Book

Отличная раскраска
Причем все предметы подписаны, так что можно еще и английский учить попутно

Lupus in Tabula

Nello sperduto villaggio di Tabula, alcuni abitanti sono affetti da licantropia. Ogni notte diventano lupi mannari e, according to placare i loro istinti, sbranano un innocente! Di giorno i superstiti si riuniscono dibattendo sul da farsi: alla high-quality della discussione linciano uno di loro, credendolo un lupo mannaro.

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