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By DR. Viktor Katz

Небольшое эссе на английском, в котором делается краткий обзор тысячелетней истории чеканки монеты в Богемии и Моравии (Чехия).

Очень толково написано, в конце - три фототаблицы с монетами и значки минцмейстеров и монетных дворов.

СТолько скачал отсюда литературы по нумизматике, что совестно было. Теперь вот наконец свое выставляю.

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Therefore Galatians 3:28 does not abolish differences in roles between men and women. The egalitarian objection from Galatians 3:28, therefore, is not persuasive. Egalitarians are simply trying to make the verse say something it does not say and never has said and never will say. Galatians 3:28 tells us that we are united in Christ and that we should never be boastful or arrogant against others and should never feel inferior or without value in the body of Christ. But the verse does not say that men and women are the same or that they have to act the same.

And it is not reversible. There is a leadership or headship role that belongs to Christ that the church does not have. Similarly, in marriage as God created it to be, there is a leadership role for the husband that the wife does not have. And for our purposes it is important to notice that this relationship was there from the beginning of creation, in the beautiful marriage between Adam and Eve in the Garden. 10. The parallel with the Trinity: The equality, differences, and unity between men and women reflect the equality, differences, and unity in the Trinity.

20 The striking thing about that sentence is what a remarkable parallel it is with Genesis 3:16. In the Hebrew text, six words are the same and are found in the same order in both verses. It is almost as if this other usage is put here by the author so that we would know how to understand the meaning of the term in Genesis 3:16. The expression in 4:7 has the sense, “desire, urge, impulse against” (or perhaps “desire to conquer, desire to rule over”). 21 Some have assumed that “desire” in Genesis 3:16 refers to sexual desire.

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