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English Word-Formation

Книга вводит читателя в введение в словообразование, то есть способ, которым новые слова образуются на базе других слов (happy - happy-ness) в английском. Обучающая цель книги -вооружить студентов небольшими или важными знаниями чтобы они могли делать свой собственный анализ сложных слов. Читателя знакомятся с необходимыми методическими инструментами чтобы достичь и анализировать имеющие отношение к делу данные, им демонстрируется как соотнести их открытия с теоретическими проблемами и спорами.

The Theta System: Argument Structure at the Interface

Prior to she died in 2007, Tanya Reinhart had long past a ways in the direction of constructing the Theta process, a idea within which formal beneficial properties defining the thematic kin of verbs are encoded within the lexicon, allowing an interface among the lexical part and the computational system/syntax, at once, and the Inference method, ultimately.

Language as Behaviour, Language as Code: A Study of Academic English

This paintings arose from the need to coach international scholars in North the US a selected number of language utilized in their disciplines (speech situations), whereupon the inadequacy or non-existence of past research grew to become obvious. Given this raison d'être, the paintings first illustrates one method of the research of language in an effort to try no matter if whatever of importance should be stated concerning the typology of texts and discourse.

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You, say it! Wangkaya-pala! Say it (you two) ! Wangkayalu! Say it (you lot - more than two)! (-wangu (nyuntu = not, without) = you) (-pala indicates two speakers) (+lu indi­ cates more than two) Nyangkajulu Look at me (all of you) +ju = me +lu Purda-nyangkajulu (nyangka = look at; = you) Listen to me (all of you) (purda-nyangka = listen) The basics for learning Warlpiri 25 Simple verbless sentences In English, complete sentences must contain at least one verb even if, like 'is', the verb doesn't contribute much meaning, as in This is Dianna, Connie is big, or John is a teacher.

Listen to these W arlpiri question and answer sentences spoken on the tape and try to say them yourself: 13. Kurdunya ka pamkami? Yuwayi, kurdu ka pamkami. Is the child running? Yes, the child is running. 14. Kamtanya ka wangkami? Yuwayi, kamta ka wangkami. Is the woman speaking? Yes, the woman is speaking. 15. Watinya ka purlami? Yuwayi, wati ka purlami. Is the man shouting? Yes, the man is shouting. 16. Kurdunya ka pamkami? Lawa, kulaka kurdu parnkami. Is the child running? No, the child is not running.

The fire is burning in the hole. WORD ORDER From listening to the different ways in which words can be ordered in sen­ tences 22-27 below you will see just how variable word order is in Warlpiri. Note, however, that the auxiliary word ka always follows the first word of the sentence, while the negative auxiliary kulaka can only be the first or sec­ ond word of the sentence. These auxiliary words are very important ele­ ments in a Warlpiri sentence and you will be learning a lot more about them as you proceed through these lessons.

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