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By Van de Velde, Mark L.O.

A Grammar of Eton is the 1st description of the Cameroonian Bantu language Eton. it's also one of many few whole descriptions of a North-western Bantu language. The complicated tonology of Eton is punctiliously analysed and awarded in an easy and constant descriptive framework, which allows the reader to maintain song of Eton's many tonal morphemes. Phonologists should be particularly drawn to the research of stem preliminary prominence, which manifests itself in a couple of logically self sustaining phenomena, together with size of the onset consonant, phonotactic skewing and variety of tonal attachment websites. Typologists and Africanists engaged on morphosyntax will locate invaluable analyses of, between others, gender and contract; stressful, element, temper and negation; and verbal derivation. they'll come across many morphosyntactic alterations among Eton and the higher recognized japanese and Southern Bantu languages, usually because of evolutions formed by means of maximality constraints on stems. The chapters on clause constitution and intricate buildings offer information rarely present in resources at the languages of the area, together with descriptions of non-verbal clauses, concentration, quasi-auxiliaries and adverbial clauses.

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There is a problem with levels of conditioning here (a representation rule conditioned by the result of a realisation rule). Most probably this should not be treated as a rule but as an interdialectal generalisation. Some dialects have a structural long vowel and no |z|, whereas others have a structural short vowel and |z|, which is represented by /z/ and realised as [Ȝ]. Syllable structure 41 as to the universal validity of the weight unit approach. I only see it as a relatively elegant way of visualising the tonal and syllabic facts of Eton.

B. c. d. e. f. |á # L-͟Ų‫ڮ‬b| |á # L-pŲ‫ڮ‬m| |ndŲ‫ڟ‬g| |ù-kŲ‫|͡ڟ‬ |pŲ‫ڟ‬í| |à-vŲ‫ڟ‬í| ࣰ /á͟Ų‫ڮ‬b/ ࣰ /á pŲ‫ڮ‬m/ ࣰ /ndŲ‫ڟ‬g/ ࣰ /ùkŲ‫͡ڟ‬/ ࣰ /pŲ‫ڟ‬j/ ࣰ /àvŲۖj/ ࣰ [á͟ŵ‫ڮ‬b‫‘ ]ܚ‬to be good’ ࣰ [ápŵ‫ڮ‬m] ‘to dislike’ ࣰ [ndŵ‫ڟ‬g]‫‘ ܚ‬calabash’ ࣰ [ùkŵ‫‘ ]͡۞ڟ‬knife’ ࣰ [pŵ‫ڟ‬j] ‘viper’ ࣰ [àvŵۖj] ‘red’ |Ų‫ڮ‬-bùm| |Ų‫ڮ‬-má͡| |Ų‫ڮ‬-kÞۖ͡| |Ų‫ڮ‬-͡góz| ࣰ /Ų‫ڮ‬bùm/ ࣰ /Ų‫ڮ‬má͡/ ࣰ /Ų‫ڮ‬kw$͡/ ࣰ /Ų‫͡ڮ‬góz/ ࣰ [Ų‫ڮ‬bùm] ‘belly’ ࣰ [Ų‫ڮ‬má۞͡] ‘cheek’ ࣰ [Ų‫ڮ‬kw$۞͡] ‘lance’ ࣰ [Ų‫͡ڮ‬gós] ‘heap’ but: g. h. i. j. 2. Nasalization Vowels are nasalized if in a prominent syllable and immediately followed by the velar nasal /͡/.

In accordance with the general principles set forth in the introduction of this chapter, I will use a structural representation that reflects the surface form as directly as possible. Morphophonology 39 sense to analyse all non-initial mid vowels as harmonic representations of |a|, as in the following examples. In other words, in non-prominent stem syllables only two structural vowels contrast, viz. |i| and |a|. (47) a. |Ͱ‫ڮ‬-tómá| ࣰ /n‫ڮ‬tómó/ ‘sheep’ b. |Ͱ‫ڮ‬-Þ‫͡ڮ‬á| ࣰ /mÞ‫͡ڮ‬Þ‫ڟ‬/ ‘child’ c.

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