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I’m saying that with the world changing as it is, I’m not sure what skills are necessary for survival, for helping out. Maybe thirty, forty, fifty years ago the subjects that we have selected as our structure were the right subjects, but I’m not so sure any more. I feel, at least, we could do a lot more in helping them understand what this society is, not to indoctrinate them or propagandize our point of view. The learning could be different. K: Tell me, I want to find out in what way it could be different.

I say, ‘I see I must help those students and myself to be completely free of fear’. Why don’t you? T: I do to the level I see. K: Your level may not be that much. T: Yes. K: But that’s not good enough. 52 T: But that’s what we’re talking about. K: That’s not good enough. Why don’t you see the whole of fear? Probably it is that you may not be interested in it. That may be the basic reason. You’re not interested in getting rid of violence, out there, and in here, which is the same. So we are undertaking a responsibility for the sixty students and we make the academics all-important because we don’t know how to go inside and clean the other up.

Now please, how shall we do this together? We must all do it together. How shall we do it together and also with all the students? T: It seems we’d have to start with being completely honest with each other. K: We are being now. I won’t go into that for the moment. ‘Honesty’ is the most dangerous word. All I’m saying is, are you interested and responsible to see if you realize the world is you and you are the world? And that one of the factors in this monstrous world, of which you are, is violence, psychological violence, from which breeds external violence?

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