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By P.C. Sandler

This paintings depicts scientific functions stemming from Dr Wilfred Ruprecht Bion's contributions to psychoanalysis. it can be used as a realistic significant other to "The Language of Bion: A Dictionary of innovations" additionally by means of %. Sandler. either represent a average association of Bion's techniques; "natural" being the assistance the chosen ideas could provide to any analyst who knows and makes use of the observations underlying the recommendations successfully in his or her daily scientific paintings. It additionally comprises expansions of Bion's options coming up out of scientific observations, made attainable via these very contributions—a commonsense invariant in technology. Universes of hitherto unknown—but existing—facts are saw, and during remark and alertness increasing universes are unlocked to recognition (and hence awareness). a few chapters can assist the reader comprehend Bion's unique suggestions and observe them in medical perform. different chapters are extra specific and transcend what used to be adumbrated or indicated via Bion, within the mild of phenomena saw opposed to the heritage of Bion's contributions. those chapters additionally point out the intertwined nature of his contributions.

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For the unconscious, and to a greater extent, investigations into “O”, Bion’s notation denoting the numinous realm, were stubbornly resisted (and like any resistance, unconsciously) in the psychoanalytic establishment. The tendency towards research into an Ego or Self split from Id as well as a distancing from the instincts, our link to the numinous realm, seem to have exerted more seduction than not. This tendency returned into studies of sexuality, dreams, and free associations. A remarkable and long contribution was made by Grotstein.

After Heisenberg: where there are two sets of interconnected variables demanding measure, one cannot obtain precise values for both at the same time (originally, of a micro-particle: momentum and position). The two sets here could be a sense of certainty (first set) in having read the text (second set). The difference between truth and truthfulness may be seen in Nietzsche and will discussed in a subsequent volume. Associacão Brasileira de Psicanalise; this was the first time the prize was awarded.

If this erosion is true, a synonym may recover the original sense of the term: “not-known”; unknown in mathematics; unbevuβt in German; “O” in Bion’s notation. For this editorialdidactic reason, Part II of the present volume will deal with Transformations and Invariants. A true elemental, basic raw material of psychoanalysis is Oedipus and infantile sexuality. These are a direct and obvious manifestation of what constitutes the closest approach humankind has been able to make to this numinous realm of the “not-known”.

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