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By Murray Bromberg

This up-to-date vocabulary-building e-book offers the fundamental middle of phrases that scholars at middle-school and better degrees needs to comprehend and be capable to use fluently for educational good fortune. those phrases additionally represent crucial vocabulary for ESL scholars and test-takers, in addition to others who communicate English as their moment language. The authors current a chain of short word-building classes, each one introducing 12 new phrases which are provided in pattern sentences and brief articles. Fill-in-the-blanks routines aid scholars degree their word-building development. trained with transparent but uncomplicated definitions and examples, readers will locate their vocabulary has enhanced dramatically.

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3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. The massive* tree on the corner was a to traffic. At parties, the shy girl would being asked to dance. My uncle has a to repeat the same story over and over again. The modest man used to his own strength. No person can ever in all things he does. Being is far better than being stubborn. We went to the beach on occasions last summer. Playing with dolls is traditionally* a pastime. Only the brightest students were invited to for the prize. Carole was ten years old before her parents finally let her a horse.

With only a quick glimpse,* Reggie was able to identify his girlfriend in the crowd. 7. migr

B. * c. My school has abolished final exams altogether. 3. urban ( er' bdn) of or having to do with cities or towns a. Many businesses open offices in urban areas. b. I plan to exchange my urban location for a rural* one. c. Only a small minority* of the people of the United States live far from any urban area. 4. population (pop u Ia' shdn) people of a city or country a. China has the largest population of any country. b. * c. After the recent* floods, the population of Honduras was reduced by 10,000.

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